Download HomeGuard Pro x86 / x64 – Control and record the activity of computers on the network

Download HomeGuard Pro x86 / x64 - Control and record the activity of computers on the network

Download HomeGuard Pro

| Software for controlling and recording the activity of computers in the network

HomeGuard Pro x86 / x64 is the name of the software to control the activities of your computer at home or in the office. Would you like to know what other people are using your computer for? If you are a parent of children and young children, you are probably well aware of their curiosities! Today, the widespread use of the Internet among home users is no longer small and large! Therefore, you are probably worried about your child’s improper use of computers and the Internet. In this article, we have prepared software for you to accurately record the activities performed on your computer from the Yas download site. HomeGuard is able to record all the activities done on your computer for you and automatically impose many restrictions on your children’s internet usage.

This software can also record the activities of your computer software with the most detail. These include the duration of the software, the bandwidth used on the Internet, recording keyboard and mouse keys, running games, and so on. This software can capture the activities done in Windows in the form of photos and videos for you and from all activities such as importing and exporting flash memory to the USB port, Internet chats, sending and receiving emails and… Full monitoring Have. You can now download the latest version of HomeGuard Pro software from the Yas website.

Features of HomeGuard Pro software:

– Ability to fully manage computer activities

– Suitable for controlling the activities of computers at home or at work

– Suitable for controlling children’s activities

– Ability to block Internet addresses

– Ability to set restrictions on Internet use

– Ability to record videos of system activities

– Complete monitoring of activities

Installation guide

– Install the program
– Copy the contents of the Crack folder (contained in the zip file you downloaded) to the program installation location


  • Format: EXE
  • Size: 17 MB
  • Source : Yas Download
  • Code:

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