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Download Hotkey Screener 1.0 - View all hotkey combinations in Windows

Download Hotkey Screener

| View all key combinations in Windows

Hotkey Screener 1.0 is the name of a small, simple and functional tool to see the function of all key combinations defined in Windows, which allows you to see all key combinations defined for different programs in Windows in a simple and attractive environment. The installation and setup of this program is very simple and fast, and the user can use it to quickly identify the function of different combination keys in Windows and activate or deactivate them if desired. There is no doubt that the use of combination keys in Windows speeds up various tasks and operations; That’s why many applications have a set of predefined key combinations to execute specific commands. The problem occurs where the user gets into trouble by installing several different software and having the same combination keys in their commands.

In such cases, the user realizes that the combination key that was used for a specific operation is no longer available and another command is executed after pressing these keys, or that the said combination key does not work at all. In such cases, using a software that can display the functions of the combination keys defined in Windows can be very useful. In this article, we have prepared a tool for you to download from the Yas site, in which you can press the keyboard keys and immediately see its function in the program, which applications have assigned the said key. Now you can download the latest version of the Hotkey Screener software from the Yas download website.

Features of Hotkey Screener software:

– The ability to see the combined keys of programs in Windows

– The ability to easily and quickly identify all applications using a specific combination key

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphical interface

Images of the software environment:

Hotkey Screener.cover1 300x262 - Download Hotkey Screener 1.0 - View all key combinations in Windows Hotkey Screener.cover2 300x262 - Download Hotkey Screener 1.0 - View all key combinations in Windows

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