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Download LastPass x86 / x64 - Internet Password Management

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Internet password management

LastPass Password Manager x86 / x64 is a free and widely used tool for managing and storing Internet passwords in various browsers. If you like your various passwords in browsers Internet Explorer Store Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser in a safe place and easily access them. This program is for this purpose.

By installing this program, you can access it directly from your browser in the form of an extension and save your passwords in this program at the same time. In addition to sorting your various passwords, this program also categorizes them according to your taste and adds comprehensive information to them. You can now download LastPass software from Yas site.

Key features of the software:

– Save an unlimited number of passwords

– Ability to send comprehensive information to stored passwords

– Prevent typing passwords in the browser

– Completely safe

– Ability to use directly in the browser

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