Download Lemon Cake game for PC

Download Lemon Cake game for PC

Download the game Lemon Cake for PC

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Lemon Cake A new game in the style of simulation, indie and casual, created in 2021 by Larloïse Laroche and released for PC. In this computer game, you have the opportunity to recreate an abandoned pastry shop and bake a variety of pastries using farm products. You can grow fresh ingredients in the greenhouse and bake sweets in the kitchen and offer baked goods to your customers in your own shop. Initially, your confectionery faces many problems and you should try to repair or even replace its various features to unlock different parts by unlocking different parts to finally provide the best service to your customers. Give.

The best ingredients for baking sweets are herbs. For example, you can provide the honey you need by raising bees. By raising cows, you will get fresh milk for baking sweets. You can even use farm chickens to supply eggs daily. In addition, you should always take care of your plants and finish baking the pastry on time to meet the needs of customers at the right time. Now you can download the final version of Lemon Cake game with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Pictures of the game environment:

Lemon Cake 1 300x169 - Download Lemon Cake game for PC Lemon Cake 2 300x169 - Download Lemon Cake game for PC

Lemon Cake 3 300x169 - Download Lemon Cake game for PC Lemon Cake 4 300x169 - Download Lemon Cake game for PC

Lemon Cake game trailer:


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