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Download LeoCAD 21.06 - toy design software with Lego parts

Download LeoCAD

| Toy design software with Lego parts

LeoCAD 21.06 is the name of a new and useful software product in which you can design various toys using Lego parts. As you know, Lego toys are very popular in the world these days; In a way, many children and teenagers around the world know this toy and have fun with it. This toy, which was known in our country as house-building and its various parts, is especially popular today, and children and teenagers can use it to enhance their creativity.

In this article, we have prepared a software download for you, dear users, from the Yas site, which contains hundreds of different Lego pieces, so that you can use it to create attractive designs of all kinds of toys. The graphical interface of this software is very simple and beautiful; In a way that attracts you at first sight. You can download this program and by installing it, you can access a wide range of types of Lego parts, and by assembling them, you can draw different toys and structures, and display its output in a 3D view. Now you can download LeoCAD software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of LeoCAD software:

– Simplicity in operation

– Ability to design a variety of structures and toys

– Free and open source

– Suitable for all ages

– Quick installation and easy learning

Pictures of the software environment:

LeoCAD.cover1 300x202 - Download LeoCAD 21.06 - Toy design software with Lego parts LeoCAD.cover2 300x202 - Download LeoCAD 21.06 - Toy design software with Lego parts

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