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Download Ludo 0.16.20 - Ludo;  Old games client and emulator

Download Ludo

| Ludo Client and emulator of old games

Ludo 0.16.20 is the name of a new and functional client or emulator for running old games. This program actually provides a beautiful and attractive graphic environment for playing old and classic games. With this software, in an attractive and user-friendly environment, you can access all the settings you need to run old games related to Atari, PlayStation 1, Nintendo, etc. consoles, and while easily viewing the list of these games, you can quickly start Implement them. When it comes to emulators, tools like these help you to access them more easily. Ludo is a comprehensive client for easier access to your favorite games, and with its beautiful user interface, it has been able to attract a large audience.

There are many emulators available to run old games, among which platforms Atari 5200, MSX, NES, GameBoy, Genesis, PlayStation 1 can be mentioned. This new and practical emulator allows you to manage your classic and old games in a beautiful and user-friendly environment and run them easily with a few clicks. This software can scan your games at the beginning of its execution and form an automatic category of them so that you can easily access your favorite titles and enjoy the experience of your favorite and nostalgic games. Now you can download the Ludo software with a direct link and for free from the Yas download site.

Features of Ludo software:

– The possibility of providing a beautiful and attractive environment for playing nostalgic and old games

– Extensive possibilities in the field of different settings for games

– Ability to scan games and access their list easily and quickly

– The possibility of simple and easy saving of games

Images of the software environment:

Ludo.cover1 300x180 - Download Ludo 0.16.20 - Ludo;  Old games client and emulator Ludo.cover2 300x180 - Download Ludo 0.16.20 - Ludo;  Old games client and emulator

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