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Luminar Neo 1.1.0 (9815) is the name of a new and professional image editor that uses artificial intelligence technology, which allows you to use the latest advanced photo editing techniques while applying your images and apply your creative ideas on your images. do. If you are also active in the field of graphics and photography and want to edit your images in new and more advanced ways, we have prepared a powerful tool that can help you in this matter. Luminar Neo is a new software powered by artificial intelligence technologies that can creatively apply even the most sophisticated edits and changes to your images to bring you stunning results.

Luminar Neo, using a new technology called RelightAI, allows you to control light in three-dimensional spaces automatically and accurately. This program is able to calculate the depth of your image and create a three-dimensional map of it so that you can apply your desired changes to distribute light in different parts of the image in a realistic and natural way. The software can also detect defects in images and quickly correct. If you are interested in nature photography, this software is an ideal option to replace the sky view in your images. Equipped with new image processing technologies, Luminar Neo Image Editor gives you the ability to edit your images in a simpler and more professional way and enjoy the result. You can now download the latest version of Luminar Neo software from the Yas website.

Features of Luminar Neo software:

– Ability to control and distribute light professionally in images

– Ability to change the background of photos

– Ability to quickly correct defects in images

– Ability to change and replace the sky in images with artificial intelligence technology

– Equipped with a state-of-the-art graphics processing engine

– Having a very beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface

Pictures of the software environment:

Luminar Neo.cover1 300x193 - Download Luminar Neo 1.1.0 (9815) - Creative Image Editor Software Luminar Neo.cover2 300x193 - Download Luminar Neo 1.1.0 (9815) - Creative Image Editor Software

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