Download Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.39 Stable x86 / x64 Win / Mac – Microsoft Chrome Edge Browser

Download Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.39 x86 / x64 + macOS - Microsoft Chrome Edge Browser

Download Microsoft Edge

| Microsoft ‘s new Chrome Edge browser

Microsoft Edge Chromium 90.0.818.39 Stable x86 / x64 Win / Mac is the latest version of the well-known and fast Microsoft Edge browser, which, according to Microsoft’s previous promise, will be released with the help of Chromium engine. We all started surfing the web with the help of Internet Explorer. At the time of the introduction and increase of Internet use among Iranian users, many computers were running Windows XP and the default Internet Explorer browser. After introducing several different versions of this browser, along with the introduction of new versions of the Windows operating system, Microsoft gradually came up with a big change. Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, which were able to capture a significant share of the web, halted the development of Internet Explorer. This led to the unveiling of a completely new version of the browser called Microsoft Edge at the same time as the introduction of Windows 10.

Although the Microsoft Edge browser was fast, simple, and fast, it seemed difficult and almost impossible to distract people from the world of plugins in the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome markets. A few years have passed since the advent of Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft has finally unveiled a new plan to update its Microsoft Edge. From now on, Microsoft Edge will be based on the Chromium browser, and you can search for exactly the same features in the Edge browser. This will appeal to many current Chrome browser users; Because all its plugins can be used on the edge. In this article from Yas Download site, we have prepared the first (trial) version of Microsoft Edge browser (Chromium) for you dear users, so that you, as one of the first people, can share your experience with this new browser with us. . You can now download the Microsoft Edge Chromium software with a direct link and for free from the Yas site.

Features of the Chrome version of Microsoft Edge Browser:

– Ability to use Google Chrome extensions in Edge

– Having Internet Explorer mode (to allow you to open pages that are designed exclusively for use in this browser.)

– Exemplary security due to operating in an open source framework

– Having the ability to collect for easy collection, organization and sharing of web content

Pictures of the software environment:

Microsoft Edge.cover1 300x214 - Download Microsoft Edge 90.0.818.39 Stable x86 / x64 Win / Mac - Microsoft Chrome Edge Browser


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  • Size: 91/101/92/255 MB
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