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Download OpenSpeedTest 2.1.7 - Internet speed test software

Download OpenSpeedTest

| Internet speed test software

OpenSpeedTest 2.1.7 is the name of a new, free and functional internet speed testing software that can measure your internet speed with accurate and reliable tests. With this program, you can easily measure your network performance and check its results. The installation and setup of this program is very simple and easy, and the user can be directed to its main page without having to go through complex operations. Next, with just one click, you can create a test server for speed testing. Before that, you can also set your desired port as desired and then start the test server of the application on that port.

After setting up the test server, you can run your favorite browser and refer to the link displayed in the software. The interface for displaying information related to internet and network speed test will be displayed here. In general, this software works in the form of a web page, like online internet speed test services, and you can use its facilities well in this environment. The ability to run tests automatically, the ability to run stress tests for as long as you want, the ability to test on multiple servers at the same time, etc. are among the other features of this software that we recommend you don’t miss the opportunity to use. Now you can download the latest version of OpenSpeedTest software from the Yas download website.

Features of OpenSpeedTest software:

– Easy and fast testing of download and upload speed

– Ability to run in different internet browsers

– Ability to perform automated tests

– The possibility of setting up a test server to test network performance

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphic environment

Images of the software environment:

OpenSpeedTest.cover1 300x199 - Download OpenSpeedTest 2.1.7 - Internet speed test software OpenSpeedTest.cover2 300x146 - Download OpenSpeedTest 2.1.7 - Internet speed test software

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