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Opera 75.0.3969.171 Final x86 / x64 Win / Mac / Linux / Portable Opera is one of the fastest internet browsers on earth! This browser Loads web pages for you with incredible speed. The basis of Opera is that the text of the site is loaded first and then the photos are gradually uploaded, in addition to the fact that the photos are first displayed in full low quality and gradually the quality of the photo is increased. Opera removes all restrictions such as blocking right-clicking, blocking page source, blocking text selection,… and enables you to search and browse the web with a fully open hand. In addition, Opera web browser provides features such as receiving email, chat and download management.

Opera browser is still the most popular browser option among its special users by adding features such as SpeedDial to access favorite web pages in series. You can now download the latest version of Opera browser from Yas download site.

Features of Opera software:

– Speed ​​Dail feature for quick access to popular and lovely web pages
– Quick Find feature to find visited web pages faster with its content feature
– Minimal use of system resources
– Custom search shortcut
– Quick search between previously browsed pages
– Better use of bookmarks
– Download from torrents
– Ability to search advanced in all sites in the field of search
– Advanced blocking of page contents
– Smarter prevention than pop-up
– Ability to read RSS / Atom feeds
– Ability to apply special settings for each site
– Preview pages by holding the mouse on the tabs
– Reduce extra load on system memory
– Support for downloading files larger than 4 GB
– Ability to use the Opera website to increase security and prevent spyware
– Use Tabbed browsing technology to display windows in one window
– Different and beautiful skins
– Opera Turbo, which uses compact technology to open sites with extraordinary speed
– Added preview of tabs below the toolbar
– Ability to resize the search field
– 40% improvement in speed with Presto 2.2 engine upgrade as well as support for new web capabilities
– Improved Speed ​​Dial capability
– Keeping passwords in a high security environment
– Ability to say command to the program and execute it by Opera
– Ability to run the program through the user’s voice


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