Download PES 2021 SmokePatch21 v3 21.3.3b – Update players and team transfers in PES 2021

Download PES 2021 SmokePatch21 Player Update and Team Transfers in PES 2021

Download PES 2021 SmokePatch21 patch for PES 2021

| Update players and team transfers in eFootball PES 2021 |

| With installation tutorial |

New version of PES 2021 SmokePatch21 v3 21.3.3b included with installation guide…

PES 2021 SmokePatch21 v3 21.3.3b is the new version of the popular PAS Smoke patch for fans of this popular computer game that you can install on the game to see significant changes in the faces of players, transfers and club kits. Every year, many users complain about the poor face design and the lack of licenses of some club teams. PES 2021 was no exception to this rule, and after installing it, you may have noticed some weaknesses in this area. But the good news is that by installing a patch on your game, you can eliminate many of these bugs and enjoy your favorite game experience to the fullest.

The behind-the-scenes design policies of two popular games in this genre, FIFA and PES, have made it possible for any club team to sign a contract with only one of these two game studios, which is why some teams are licensed in PES and some only in FIFA. Have the original. This license means real design of players’ faces, club kits and.. If your favorite club in PAS 2021 has such problems, now we give you the good news that by installing the popular and reputable Smoke patch, you can solve many common problems in this field and you can enjoy the experience of this fascinating game. take. The full list of these changes along with the installation tutorial as well as the possibility of downloading the latest version of the PES2020 SmokePatch21 patch is now available for more information.

PES 2021 SmokePatch21 changes:

– Compatibility with the latest official Konami database

– Updated according to the latest transfers 20/21

– Update the real names of all players

– Updated the names of the clubs, logos and kits (clothes) of the players

– Added new teams

– Added new and prominent coaches

– Added new national teams

– Added classic teams

– Added more than 20 thousand mini-faces

Pictures of the game environment:

PES 2021 SmokePatch21.cover1 300x169 - Download PES 2021 SmokePatch21 v3 21.3.3b patch - Update players and team transfers in PES 2021

New in version 21.3.0:

– compatible with the newest DLC and game versions
– compatible with all game versions
– ready for new seasons (Asian and South American leagues)
– updated winter transfers (+3000 transfers)
– updated players stats (ratings)
– removed thousands of players (retired, free agents, …)
– added thousands of new players signed in the transfer window
– moved famous retired players to classic teams
– added two new ML managers (Louis van Gaal, Arsène Wenger)
– upgraded graphics (kits, boots, …)
– added promoted teams:
Changchun Yatai (CSL)
Avispa Fukuoka (J League)
Tokushima Vortis (J League)
CA Sarmiento (Argentine First Division)
CA Platense (Argentine First Division)
CD Ñublense (Chilean First Division)
Sports Melipilla (Chilean First Division)

Installation guide

1) Download the Smoke patch version 21.3.0 and decompress their content.

2) smokepatch21.3.0 file.Run exe and install it on the game site.

3) Download the 21.3.3b update and the smokepatch21.3.3 file.Run exe and install it on the game site.

4) Copy the EDIT00000000 file (available in the 21.3.3b update file) from inside the edit file folder (copy game) at Documents / KONAMI / eFootball PES 2021 / # YOUR_STEAM_ID / save.

Good luck!

Tip 1: To install this patch, you must first play the cracked version eFootball PES 2021 Have installed on the system.

Tip 2: To install this patch, you must install Datapack 4.00 according to the installation guide in the link above.

Tip 3: This patch is compatible with both CPY and FitGirl versions.


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  • Size: 4.91 GB
  • Source : Yas Download
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