Download Road Rash – a motorcycle game for PC

Download Road Rash - a motorcycle game for PC

Download the game Road Rash

Play Road Rash A small and old game, maybe you are one of those people who have been playing Road Rash for hours and days. Motorcycling game entered the world of computer games with a new style and in 1996, it revolutionized the computer game industry. . Undoubtedly, Road Rash still has many fans 14 years after its production.

Graphics, sound in Road Rash game is designed to fit the size of the software is excellent and the game can be run even on very old systems. For dear users who are not familiar with the style of play, we must say that in Road Rash You are participating in an exciting race, parts of which take place in the city and other stages on the road.

Of course, your job is not so simple and there are many obstacles in your way that you must overcome safely! And finally win the championship. We suggest you do not miss downloading the Road Rash game in portable form.

format format: EXE

Volume Size: 5 MB

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