Download SIL Transcriber Desktop 2.15.7

Download SIL Transcriber Desktop 2.15.7 - software for making text versions of audio files

Download SIL Transcriber Desktop

| Software for making text versions of audio files

SIL Transcriber Desktop 2.15.7 is a tool with multiple modes and functional features for teams and workgroups that allows individuals to work in groups with other members of their team to make spoken copies as well as share the final data. This software allows individuals or workgroups to create several different audio projects and create text copies with different methods. This software allows you to create workspaces according to your needs and assign different tasks to different people. As you probably know, making copies of audio files can be a daunting task. Depending on the complexity of your project and its prerequisites, you may be able to do this individually or in groups. Using a special software for this work can be very useful and useful for you, and in this article, we have prepared one of the special tools for this work for you, dear users, from the Yas download site.

For example, for one person, you can set different tasks and monitor their progress. Designed for Windows, this desktop app allows you to prepare text versions of audio. Because such a process requires great precision and finesse, using a special software can go a long way in solving many of your problems in this area. You can now download the latest version of SIL Transcriber Desktop software from the Yas website.

Features of SIL Transcriber Desktop software:

– Provide an integrated user interface for copying audio files

– Suitable for personal and team activities

– The possibility of determining the tasks and duties of each member of the group

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphical environment

Pictures of the software environment:

SIL Transcriber Desktop.cover1 300x169 - Download SIL Transcriber Desktop 2.15.7 - Software for making text versions of audio files SIL Transcriber Desktop.cover2 300x250 - Download SIL Transcriber Desktop 2.15.7 - Software for making text versions of audio files

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