Download Tecplot 360 EX 2020 R2 M1 2020.2.1.112919 Draw a chart based on CFD data

Download Tecplot 360 EX 2020 R2 M1 2020.2.1.112919 - Draw a chart based on CFD data

Download Tecplot 360 EX

| Draw a chart based on CFD data

Tecplot 360 EX 2020 R2 M1 2020.2.1.112919 is a special program for designing three-dimensional and two-dimensional diagrams of data obtained in the field of mechanics and in the direction of heat and fluids. This software has various applications in classical mechanical engineering, physics, applied mathematics, engineering sciences and technologies and helps engineers to calculate fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, chemical reactions and especially behavior and type of motion. Identify gases and draw a diagram. Fluid dynamics engineers analyze the data and draw the diagrams they need based on information from CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) data, known as mechanical fluids, and then enter them directly into the software. Various software, including other Tecplot products such as Focus and RS, as well as Microsoft Office applications.

One of the prominent features of this software, which distinguishes it from other similar programs, is the ability to work with macros, where users can perform all their various operations on the layers, such as measurement and calculations through the macro. Record and apply all operations on new layers in separate files with a single click. With this feature, the speed of operations and calculations by the program is halved. Now you can download the latest version of Tecplot 360 EX 2018 software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of Tecplot 360 EX 2020 software:

– Simulation and numerical calculation with the possibility of displaying 360 degrees

– Ability to animate images with different outputs

– Ability to import data directly into Microsoft Office software

– Accurate drawing of complex diagrams in two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes

– data analysis

– Ability to use macros

Pictures of the software environment:

Download Tecplot 360 EX 2020 R2 M1 2020.2.1.112919 - Draw a chart based on CFD data

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