Download WaveMetrics Igor Pro 9.02

Download WaveMetrics Igor Pro 9.02 - data analysis engineering software

Download WaveMetrics Igor Pro

| Data analysis engineering software

WaveMetrics Igor Pro 9.02 is the name of a new and powerful interactive tool for scientific experiments and data engineering that makes data visualization and analysis results available to experts. Since its initial introduction (in 1989), this software has been used by tens of thousands of students and researchers and has provided them with unique results. This software is a scientific tool for data analysis, numerical calculations and programming language that can be used in Windows and Mac. This program was originally designed with the aim of analyzing time series, but since then, newer features have been added to this tool, including data analysis, numerical calculations, and image processing.

This tool is released with a powerful and functional compiler and many functions are also available through menus. This program is primarily known for its graphic features; But its newer capabilities include having various internal functions, the possibility of collecting data, manipulating and analyzing features, connecting with external devices, and also the possibility of programming in C and C++ languages. This software is equipped with a simple and user-friendly graphic environment that even beginner users can cover their basic needs from this environment and add more features to the program through programming. Now you can download the latest version of WaveMetrics Igor Pro software from the Yas download website.

Features of WaveMetrics Igor Pro software:

– The possibility of making quality visual elements based on scientific and engineering calculations

– Fast and simple access to data in different formats

– Ability to work with data in a spreadsheet environment with much more and more powerful features than Microsoft Excel

– Facilities for managing and manipulating data and calculations

– Image processing and artificial intelligence

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphical interface

Images of the software environment:

WaveMetrics Igor Pro.cover1 300x169 - download WaveMetrics Igor Pro 9.02 - data analysis engineering software WaveMetrics Igor Pro.cover2 300x241 - download WaveMetrics Igor Pro 9.02 - data analysis engineering software

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