Get to know the record holder of seedling production in Yazd

Get to know the record holder of seedling production in Yazd

Since the city of Yazd is located in a hot and semi-arid region, the farmers and gardeners of this region must consider certain conditions to build an orchard, so that they can build orchards that are fully compatible with the environment and have a good income for them. Well, if you continue with us, we will introduce you, dear readers, to the record holder of seedling production in Yazd, as well as the largest producer of walnut and fruit seedlings in Iran.

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Acquaintance with the types of fruit seedlings suitable for Yazd city

It is very important for the farmers of Yazd city to know which variety of fruit is suitable and affordable for planting in Yazd city, considering the climatic conditions, weather and soil texture of Yazd city, we want different varieties of fruit seedlings to be fully compatible with the conditions of this city. to introduce to you.

Types of apricot seedlings

Royal apricot seedling: Due to its early yield in the first year, I wish we could witness its fruiting. Its economic life is 100 years and it is native to France. The most important advantage of this seedling is its late flowering.

Asgarabad Apricot: Its economic life is 70 years and it is native to our country, apricot fruit is produced in the second year of planting.

Types of pear seedlings

Beirut pear seedlings: It is a native of Lebanon and its economic life has been estimated to be one hundred years.

Virgin pear seedlings: The birthplace of this seedling is France, its lifespan is 70 years and it has high productivity.

Darghazi pear seedling: It is a native of Iran, its economic life is 100 years, it starts from the second year of its fruiting.

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Types of cherry seedlings

Single-seeded cherry seedlings: One of the native seedlings of our country, which is very popular among the farmers of Sanandaj city, we can mention the single-seeded cherry seedling. Farmers can observe its fruiting two years after planting, and it usually has a lifespan of 80 years.

Yellow cherry seedlings: Among other native cherry seedlings of Iran, we can mention banana yellow cherry, it starts growing three years after planting yellow cherry seeds and has a useful life of 60 years.

Hart cherry seedling: This cherry sapling is imported from Asia Minor, its lifespan is about 70 years and it is compatible with the climate of Semnan.

Peach seedling

French double peach seedling: Leaflet is considered to be the most productive peach seedling and economic peach seedling, most of the farmers who are looking to plant an economic garden use French double peach seedling.

Fig peach seedling: Among the popular fruits that are widely bought and sold inside the country, we can mention peach and fig, so most of the farmers are looking to plant peach and fig seedlings.

Alberta peach seedlings: It is native to America, it has a useful life of twenty years, you will see it in the first year of planting.

Saffron peach seedling: Saffron peach seedlings have been planted for a long time in Iran because of its beauty and unique taste, it is used for fresh eating.

seedling to

Nahal in Italian: The fruit is useful for the treatment of many diseases because of its medicinal properties, especially the seeds of the fruit, and that is why some consumers look for Buy seedlings to are to make useful use of it, one of the famous fruit seedlings is related to Italy and in Iran it is known as Italian seedling, it starts yielding in the second year and has a useful life of one hundred years.

Nahal to Isfahan: Of course, there are many seedlings that were native to Iran and are of high quality, because of their high quality, they have attracted the attention of Iranian consumers.

Apple seedlings:

Apples have a special place in Iran and it goes without saying that most of the cities in our country are looking for planting apple seedlings. Due to the variety and variety of this product, you will see apple trees in the farthest parts of the country, Yazd is one of them. The rule is not an exception, it is one of the largest producers of apple fruit in the country.

  • Golden apple seedling
  • French apple seedlings
  • Glass white apple seedling

grape seedling

Fast growing, fast yielding, so that if you grow grape seedlings in your garden, some varieties will start flowering after a few months, because of the small distance between the grape seedlings, it has increased their yield. to increase many times, high quality, guaranteed sale of grape fruit and convenient storage of grape fruit have made the farmers of Yazd city interested in this seedling.

  • Shani grape seedling
  • Turkmen grape seedling 4
  • Seedling of ruby ​​vine
  • Red quince grape seedling

Almond seedlings

Among other seedlings that many farmers in Yazd showed great interest in planting in the last decade, we can mention almond seedlings. And this is considered a saving for the farmers of Yazd city.

  • Almond seedlings
  • Azarkhoshei almond seedling
  • Midwifery almond seedlings

Picture3 - Get to know the record holder of seedling production in Yazd

Buying walnut seedlings in Yazd

Statistics and surveys conducted in the nursery and purchase of walnut seedlings in Yazd ( ) shows that the purchase of walnut seedlings has been increasing in the past few years, and this indicates the necessary awareness, the farmers of this city are aware of the benefits and advantages of planting and buying walnut seedlings in Yazd, and they have taken the necessary measures to build a commercial and modern walnut garden. have done, the salient features of genotyped and modified walnut seedlings are as follows:

  • Doubling the productivity of the walnut tree
  • Halving the cost of maintaining and caring for walnut orchards
  • Halving the cost of irrigating walnut orchards
  • Fast productivity of the walnut tree

According to the above, it is clear that not only the farmers of Yazd city but also the farmers of the whole country of Iran are looking to buy walnut seedlings in Yazd and plant them in their gardens. Among the most important compatible seedlings in Yazd city, the following can be mentioned:

  • Seedlings of Paliz genotype
  • Chandler grafted seedling
  • Francket walnut seedlings

last word

Dear farmers of Yazd city, to buy fruit seedlings in this city, you can go to the largest nursery site and buy seedlings in Yazd ( ) and after obtaining useful and necessary information about walnut and almond fruit seedlings, they should take the necessary measures to buy these products and order them. For this, farmers need to make detailed checks on non-personal sales before choosing a nursery. and have fruit seedlings online.

You should buy fruit seedlings in a way that has price guarantee and quality guarantee. Make sure that the purchased seedlings have an ID from the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture. If you cannot choose the nursery or buy fruit seedlings in Yazd correctly Make a decision. I recommend you to get help from consultants and experts in this field. To get the necessary information, be sure to contact the listed phone numbers or visit the link below.

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