Getting to know the 5 main reasons for not using site builders

What is a site builder?

You must have heard the name of site builder and you were even tempted to design your site in this way. This is the method by which you can prepare a site in the shortest possible time. One of the reasons that can convince different people to use site builders is its very low cost.

But we have to tell you that this is a completely non-standard and unprincipled method for website design and the disadvantages of using website builders are not few. If you decide to start your virtual store, it is better to work with a reliable and active company instead of using such methods. Website design in Mashhad Collaborate so that you can earn a decent profit from your online business.

In the following, we will introduce you to the disadvantages of using site builders so that you can fully understand the unprincipled nature of this work.

What is a site builder?

Before we want to state the disadvantages of using site builders, it is better to briefly explain about them. In fact, site builders are online or offline software that make it possible to create a site with minimal effort.

All people without special expertise can enter these softwares and create the desired site with just a few simple clicks. You can create all the basic features of the site with the help of the site builder.

The working method is the same in all site builders and it is also free. Of course, there are many paid site builders that have more features. For example, blogging sites are one of the most famous site builders that are used a lot by SEOs.

What are the disadvantages of using site builders?

In this section, we introduce the disadvantages of using site builders:

Why not use site builders?

There is no possibility of personalization

In most website builders, there are several ready-made templates that the user can choose from. In fact, you cannot implement your desired plan on the site. Limiting the number of templates will make your site look like a lot of sites built using this site builder.

You should even know that several site builders may use the same templates. In this way, you cannot even increase the facilities you need. In fact, there is no update of the site.

The impossibility of site optimization and SEO

The most important disadvantage of using site builders is the impossibility of using SEO rules. Sites that are built using Site Builder do not provide full access to users. That’s why you can’t work well on its SEO. Most activities related to SEO projects require full access.

For example, to connect tools such as search console and analytics, which is an important part of preparing statistics for each SEO project in Mashhad and…, you must have access to parts such as the site host. In website builders, only a simple panel with very few features is provided to the user.

You can’t even have SEO plugins installed on the site. In general, there is no such thing as a plugin defined in site builders.


As we said, there are a number of ready-made templates in site builders from which you can choose an option. You should know that you will not be able to make even minor changes in these templates. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of using site builders

It means that even if you want to change the color of one of the site titles, it will not be possible. In addition, the similarity of your site’s template with a large number of other sites can create the problem of being duplicated.

That is, except for the text of the site, the code of other parts is similar, and this is not pleasant for Google at all. This issue can cause a site penalty.

Paying high fees

As we said, some of the site builders are not free and you have to subscribe to use them. These site builders offer you more features, but the cost you have to pay to buy a subscription on a monthly basis is not reasonable at all. This case can have a high position among the disadvantages of using site builders.

It means that the facilities provided are not proportional to the cost. It is exactly like renting a small room in the lowest area of ​​Tehran, but paying the same cost as renting a residential house with full facilities in the best area of ​​Tehran.

There is no support

The last disadvantage of using site builders is the lack of support. Once you build and deliver your site with the help of a site builder, you will no longer receive any support. That is, if technical problems occur for your site, no one will take responsibility for it and will not solve the problem.

It is possible that after trying to build the site and putting all the content in it, due to a technical problem, your site will be unavailable and you will not be able to use it due to the lack of support.

It is much better that instead of spending energy and capital for such a site, you should give it to experts and get a site with full facilities. In the digital world, there is a lot of competition and a site that uses the most up-to-date facilities and new methods can attract the attention of the user.

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