Removing sanctions for programmers; The system was launched for programmers to access banned sites

Removing sanctions for programmers;  The system was launched for programmers to access banned sites

Removal of embargo for programmers

| Free from online sanctions with the sanctions removal service systemIt is the name of a completely Iranian and new service that was recently introduced by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and by using it, programmers can easily access banned websites and services. As you know, many domestic programmers do not have access to popular services due to various sanctions from foreign companies. It is possible that when you face such problems, you turn to using unauthorized filter breakers. Although free filter breakers can sometimes solve the problem temporarily, but many of them lead to a sharp drop in internet speed and in some cases, they pose a risk to the user’s security.

Due to the banning of many popular websites and services by programmers, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has launched a new system called 403, which can be used to bypass these sanctions once and for all. In fact, if you are an Iranian programmer working inside the country and many of the websites and services you need cannot be reached due to sanctions, we suggest using the 403 system to solve this problem once and for all.

The system is a completely free and legal service that allows you to access banned services for Iranian users without using a filter breaker or VPN. This service is actually a legal and fully authorized filter breaker for Iranian users inside the country, which allows free access to all services and services banned by Adobe, Nvidia, Google provides you with …. Using this new solution, you will no longer have to worry about accessing banned websites; Because with just a few simple steps, you will get rid of filters and sanctions forever! Now you can read how to use this wonderful solution in the following article.

Features of the filtering system:

– Introduced officially by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

– Very easy to use through DNS settings

– Can be used on mobile or computer

– Completely free and without cost

– Exemplary and reliable security compared to illegal blockers or VPNs

– High speed and no reduction in the speed of sending and receiving information on the Internet

– Permanent installation and circumventing sanctions forever

Guide to using – Windows:

1) Press the combination keys (Win + R) on the keyboard to display the Run window. In this window, the phrase “Type “ncpa.cpl” and press Enter.

2) Right click on the Wi-Fi or LAN network you are connected to and then select Properties.

3) Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 option.

4) Click the Properties button.

5) If there is a DNS address, write it down somewhere and keep it for future reference. Then delete them.

6) Enter the address and in the corresponding DNS sections.

7) Hit the OK button and after restarting the internet browser, enjoy breaking all sanctions!

Guide to using – Linux:

1) Click on the application icon in the left menu bar.

2) Click on Settings and then select Network.

3) Select your internet connection from the space on the right and then click on the gear icon.

4) Click on the IPv4 tab to see your DNS settings.

5) Change DNS from Automatic to Off.

6) Enter the address and in the DNS section.

7) Press the Apply button and then restart your browser.

Guide to using – Mac:

1) Open System Preferences.

2) Search for DNS Servers and select it from the dropdown menu.

3) Click the + button and create a new DNS server with the address and

4) Click OK and then Apply.

Guide to using – iOS:

1) From the home page of your iPhone, open the Settings section. 2) Go to the Wi-Fi section and then tap on your desired network and enter.

3) Click on the Configure DNS section and then click on the Manual option.

4) If there is an option in that section, click on the sign and delete all the options.

5) Now click on the “+ Add Server” button and enter the address and

6) Tap on the Save option in the right corner.

List of websites and services supported by Shekan (this list will be updated continuously):

Autodesk, AMD, envato, Google Developrs, Google Open Source, Intel, MySQL, nVidia, SketchUp, Sourceforge, WordPress, Google Drive, Apple, Vmware, Android Studio, eBay, Google Cloud Platform, HTML5 Rocks, Aamzon, App Store (Apple) , PayPal, Unity, Visa, Java, iTunes Store, Google Wallet, Google Play Store, Google My Business, JFrog, Oracle, HP, CreativeMarket, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Project Hosting

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