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You probably know that the knee joint is one of the most dynamic and unstable joints in the body; Have you ever thought about the strength and stability of your bones? Do you know what caused this strength? Do you know how you can run, walk and sit so easily? It may sound strange, but the elastic bands of tissue that connect the bones and hold them together have brought you such comfort. Bands called ligaments can bring a lot of pain and discomfort to people if they are damaged.

In this article, we are going to examine the types of cruciate ligaments of the knee, the cause of cruciate ligament rupture, its symptoms and how to treat it. Continue reading to learn more about the fastest and best way to communicate with doctors and consultants.

types of Ligaments the knee

In the structure of the knee, there are four main and important ligaments, which are known as internal and external lateral ligaments and anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. These ligaments are located obliquely in the knee joint and control the movement of the leg, the movement of the knee and the joint and prevent excessive movement of the joint. Of these, we are talking about two cruciate ligaments;

The anterior cruciate ligament is located in the most central part of the knee and is responsible for controlling the forward movement of the lower leg and tibia; The posterior cruciate ligament is also located in the central area of ​​the knee and is responsible for controlling the movement of the leg and knee backwards. In normal conditions, these ligaments can resist stretching and various movements, but in some cases, they get damaged and can put people in critical situations. In the following, we describe the cause of knee cruciate ligament rupture and how it occurs.

How does knee cruciate ligament rupture occur?

The presence of a large amount of collagen fibers in ligaments makes them resistant to tensile forces. review opinion The best gastroenterology doctor in Tehran It shows that having a rich diet can increase the strength of the body’s ligaments because these fibers that usually reach the body through food.

We said that ligaments have resistance, but the scope of this resistance is limited and if excessive tensile forces are applied, they will be damaged and torn. It is good to know that knee cruciate ligament damage is divided into three different degrees:

  1. First-degree injury: The ligament tear is minor and mild, and the knee joint does not become unstable.
  2. 2nd degree injury: the fibers are separated and the knee joint becomes unstable.
  3. Third degree injury: This level is the ultimate and the knee joint completely loses its stability.

This injury is associated with many symptoms that can help in the beginning of the treatment process. Continue reading to learn about the symptoms of a torn cruciate ligament of the knee.

Causes of knee cruciate ligament rupture

The most important cause of knee cruciate ligament rupture is sudden pressure and tension on the joint. Among the factors that can cause this pressure, we can mention knee rotation, severe impact on the joint, sudden and uncalculated movements, heavy sports, descent from a height, sudden stop, etc. These factors can include minor to severe injuries. In mild injuries, the ligament is only slightly stretched and you recover after a while, but the case is not always that simple.

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Symptoms of knee cruciate ligament rupture

Rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee is so painful and painful that you notice the presence of your uninvited guest at the very first moment. So you don’t need to examine yourself now and doubt your health. Of course, the symptoms of this condition are different according to the severity of the injury and appear differently in each person. The following are the most common symptoms of a knee joint tear:

  • swelling
  • a bruise
  • Severe pain
  • Sprains
  • Subcutaneous bleeding
  • Feeling of instability in the knee
  • Feeling of a crack or fracture in the knee
  • Sudden headache due to loss of joint fibers
  • Inability to perform activities and loss of range of motion (walking, running, etc.)

Prevention of damage to the cruciate ligament

Now that you are familiar with the nature, causes and symptoms of knee cruciate ligament rupture, you can probably guess the ways to prevent this complication. in terms of Orthopedist The most important thing that people should do for prevention is not to be in dangerous situations. For example, instead of jumping on the stairs, walk them slowly. Or when doing sports, try to do the movements properly and under the supervision of the coach. Also, the following can be effective in preventing damage to the cruciate ligament:

  • Putting leg strengthening exercises in the exercise program
  • Using suitable and standard shoes during activities
  • Using standard techniques when jumping and landing
  • doing exercises to strengthen the core of the body; Points such as hips, pelvis and lower abdomen

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Diagnosis of knee cruciate ligament rupture

To diagnose a torn cruciate ligament, the doctor first uses a physical examination. He examines the knee for swelling and tenderness and controls the person’s range of motion. But in acute cases and to ensure more certainty, sometimes tests are also prescribed. Things like x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, etc.

  • X-Ray: Although X-rays do not show soft tissues and tendons, they are useful for finding traces of bone fractures.
  • MRI: This imaging method is used to observe the soft and hard tissues of the body and can show a good picture of the extent of damage to the cruciate ligament and other tissues of the knee.
  • Ultrasound: Sound waves can be helpful in examining ligaments, tendons and knee muscle injuries.

Treatment of knee cruciate ligament rupture

The best answer for knee ligament tear treatment Medical school site Come. The doctor prescribes methods depending on the condition of the patient and the severity of the injury. Usually, if the damage is small, the treatment process is carried out with physiotherapy, light sports, placing ice, placing the knee at a height, rehabilitation exercises and overall rest. But in acute and critical cases, the doctor recommends surgery. This type of treatment is mostly prescribed for athletes, those with more than one ligament injury, and people who experience instability during activity.

During the operation, the surgeon removes the damaged ligament and replaces it with a tendon. After this operation, the patient must participate in rehabilitation courses for some time to recover the lost powers and the transplant operation will show itself successfully.

Rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee; A complication with many complications

In this article, we examined the rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee and introduced its common causes and symptoms. This condition is associated with pain and many symptoms, so no one can say that they have not noticed something like this in their body. Our strong recommendation is that if you see any symptoms, you should immediately contact the doctors and counselors of the clinic and raise your problems. Because if neglected and not treated, things like knee arthrosis, arthritis and problems related to the joint will plague you.

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