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CloneDVD is the name of a powerful and well-known software in the field of covering the needs of users in the matter of burning and copying discs. Many discs are burned in such a way by the manufacturer that their content cannot be copied or burned on a new disc in any way. Such disks have a region lock that cannot be copied or ripped in the normal way. In this regard, several tools have been produced and launched on the market that can solve this problem and eliminate many limitations related to such disks.

DVD clone software is one of the best and most powerful tools in this field, which can enable copying of discs in the easiest possible way by breaking DVD protection and regional codes. In general, DVD clone software is one of the best available solutions for burning and duplicating discs, which provides you with a set of useful and practical features, including the possibility of backing up the contents of discs, the ability to burn high-quality movies. Great, DVD-9 to DVD-5 conversion and compression mentioned. Now you can download the latest version of CloneDVD software from the Yas download website.

Features of CloneDVD software:

– The possibility of copying discs containing DVD movies with regional restrictions

– Ability to break all types of locks from DVD discs

– The ability to create an image from a DVD disc

– The possibility of ripping the contents of discs

– Ability to save audio and video from DVD

– The possibility of making DVD discs easily

– The possibility of converting video formats to each other

– The ability to make a slideshow of photos

Images of the software environment:

CloneDVD.cover1 300x195 - Download CloneDVD - Software for copying DVD discs

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