Download JPEG Saver 5.25.1 Build 5312 x86/x64

Download JPEG Saver 5.25.1 Build 5312 x86/x64 - making a screen saver from images

Download JPEG Saver

| Creating a screen saver from images

JPEG Saver 5.25.1 Build 5312 x86/x64 is the name of a new, simple and free tool to create screensavers from images. As you know, screen savers help us to display a still and moving image on the monitor when the system is not in use. Screen savers can minimize the amount of energy consumed by system resources when the system is not in use, thus increasing the life of the hardware. Screen protection or screen saver is a feature in computers and its task is to prevent the permanent display of static images on the screen. When the screen saver is activated, the computer screen will turn off and after some time, it will display still and moving images related to the screen saver. This will increase the lifespan and economic improvement of the device.

In this article from the Yas Download site, we have prepared for you, dear users, a tool that allows you to create exclusive screensavers from your images. How to work with this tool is very simple and easy; All you have to do is to save your images to create a screen saver in a certain path, and then by running this program and choosing the path to save the images, you can create your own screen saver with just one click. The user can set images, motion effects, etc. in the built-in screensaver and get the most out of displaying it on the monitor when the system is idle. Now you can download the latest version of the JPEG Saver software from the website. Yas download, get it.

Features of JPEG Saver software:

– Ability to adjust the amount of delay in displaying images

– Various display options for screensavers

– The ability to set a screen saver like a slideshow

– Having different motion effects to display images

– Ability to set the display location of images in the screensaver

– Ability to set colors and images for display

– Having a beautiful and user-friendly graphic interface

Images of the software environment:

JPEG Saver.cover1 300x228 - Download JPEG Saver 5.25.1 Build 5312 x86/x64 - Making a screen saver from images JPEG Saver.cover2 300x280 - Download JPEG Saver 5.25.1 Build 5312 x86/x64 - Making screensavers from images

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