Download KNOPPIX 8.6.0 – Canopix Linux operating system

Download KNOPPIX 8.6.0 - Canopix Linux operating system

Download KNOPPIX

| Linux Canopix operating system

KNOPPIX 8.6.0 is the name of a new Linux distribution with wide possibilities in the field of fast and simple execution in live environment (ive), having dozens of applications, beautiful and user-friendly graphical environment, as well as compatibility with a wide range of hardware. Yas Download, we will put the latest version at your service, dear ones. This distribution was created by a German named Klaus Knopper, and those interested in the world of free software can build a completely new distribution based on this operating system and provide it to the Linux user community. As you know, unlike Windows, the Linux operating system is more useful for people who expect more from their computer than a normal user needs. To be more precise, Linux is a comprehensive and practical environment for developers and experts in the field of computer software / hardware, which, despite dozens of different distributions, people can choose the desired distribution according to their expectations and enjoy its benefits. .

Unlike other distributions where each person has to install a number of applications, Konopix distribution has a large number of applications that you can use any of these tools only by running it through the live environment. . In addition, the Konopix distribution contains thousands of different hardware drivers that will install all of your system hardware drivers just by installing this operating system. In addition, the current distribution requires quite common hardware that you can install and use on any system. Now you can download KNOPPIX software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of KNOPPIX operating system:

– Ability to run live without the need for installation

– Ability to boot via DVD / USB

– Made based on Debian Linux

– Having dozens of different applications

– Having tens of thousands of different drivers by identifying different types of hardware

Pictures of Konopix environment:

KNOPPIX.cover1 300x169 - Download KNOPPIX 8.6.0 - Canopix Linux Operating System


  • Format: ISO
  • Size: 4.49 GB
  • Source : یاس Download
  • Code:

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