Download lamentation and eulogy of Haj Maitham Matiei Muharram 1402 | Yas download

Download the lamentation and eulogy of Haj Maitham Matiei Muharram 1402

Download Madahi Moharram 1402

| With the praise of Haj Maisham Matiei – the first decade of the month of Muharram

| Hosseini religious committee [مجتمع امام رضا (علیه‌السلام)] |

Ceremony the second night added…

The eulogy of Haj Maisham Matiei, Muharram 1402 – The complete collection of lamentations and eulogies of Haj Maisham Matiei is in audio form, which will be made available to you dear visitors at the same time as Muharram 1402 arrives. Today, as is the custom every year in the month of Muharram, we remember the martyrs of Karbala and mourn for Hazrat Aba Abdullah al-Hussein, and we are trying to be dear and respected visitors with you during Muharram by covering various ceremonies in religious bodies.

With the passing of the dangers of the corona virus epidemic, after 3 years, the mourning ceremony of Hazrat Aba Abdullah will be held as it should be and maybe in the city councils, neighborhoods, mosques, etc. From the beginning of Muharram to Ashura, mourning gatherings are held everywhere. People remember dear martyrs in Hosseiniyehs and places of mourning. They participate sympathetically in the lamentations and eulogies, and together they sing elegies for the martyrs. These ceremonies are an opportunity to find in our hearts a deeper understanding of the martyrs’ sacrifice and patience. On the Yas Download website, we will try to be with you in Muharram 1402, as in previous years, and cover the religious ceremonies in different groups. You can now download the new collection of Haj Maisham Matiei’s laments and eulogies for Muharram 1402 with the voice of Maysham Matiei, direct link and for free from the Yas download site.

chart pie - Download the lamentation and eulogy of Haj Maitham Matiei Muharram 1402first night

DownloadThe first part – The month of Muharram came again and I did not reach it (fasting).
DownloadPart II – You don’t like Saddam… (whispering)
Downloadthird part – Sing Noha Mohtsham (Traditional Noha)
DownloadThe fourth section – My heart fell, when doomsday came (context)
DownloadThe fifth section – How can I say my Hossein, come back (unit)

DownloadDownload the full collection of the first night

chart pie - Download the lamentation and eulogy of Haj Maitham Matiei Muharram 1402the second night

DownloadThe first part – What a flag that is high forever (Rouzeh)
DownloadPart II – look! This is Karbala… (whisper)
Downloadthird part – Hello Sahlah, Sidi Ya Hossein (Traditional lament)
DownloadThe fourth section – Yar’s tent has been set up.

DownloadDownload the complete collection of the second night

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