Download Memory Pictures 1.40 x64 – Geographical labeling on images

Download Memory Pictures 1.40 x64 - Geographical labeling on images

Download Memory Pictures

| Geographical tagging on images

Memory Pictures 1.40 x64 is the name of a useful and practical tool in the field of geographical labeling on images. The main purpose of this program is to append the geographical coordinates of the photo recording locations to the relevant images. Every photo you take with your mobile phone camera or still camera holds a lot of information, one of which is the storage of the location where you took the image in the new camera and smartphone models. If you are a professional photographer who travels around the world to capture your images, keeping track of the geographical coordinates of each image will help you remember your favorite places well.

If your camera does not have GPS enabled to get geographic coordinates or has not been able to capture these coordinates on images due to bad weather, the current software can help you solve the problem. This program enables you to easily add your desired geographical coordinates to images or edit previous coordinates. You can now download the latest version of Memory Pictures software from the read more of Yas website.

Features of Memory Pictures software:

– Ability to add coordinates and geotags on images

– Ability to edit the geographical coordinates in the images

– Ability to add personal notes or posts to images

– Provide the ability to quickly and easily search the position of each image on the map

– Ability to search directly and view coordinates on the map

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphical environment

Pictures of the software environment:

Memory Pictures.cover1 300x188 - Download Memory Pictures 1.40 x64 - Geotagging on images


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