Download RoboLinux Cinnamon 8.3 x86 / x64 Full – Robolinox operating system (paid version)

Download RoboLinux Cinnamon 8.3 x86 / x64 Full - Robolinox operating system (paid version)

Download RoboLinux Cinnamon

| Robolinox operating system (paid version)

| The best option for migrating from Windows to Linux

RoboLinux Cinnamon 8.3 x86 / x64 Full Robulinux operating system (paid version) The name of one of the newest distributions of Linux operating system as an open source operating system, for fans and lovers of the Open Source world. Robulinux is a new distribution of Linux operating system that is installed on desktop and laptop computers. Robolinox has 30,000 applications as well as a collection of free software that meets the needs of a wide range of users. The most important difference between Robolinox and other distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, and… is that, according to its creators, Robolinox is able to run all Windows software! You can choose Robulinux as the main operating system of your computer and experience the utmost security and quality in it, there will be no other threat similar to the privacy threats of Windows XP and 7 in Robulinux! Due to the great emphasis of Robolinox developers on developing an operating system to replace Windows, Robolinox is able to run Windows 7 and XP applications well for you in RoboLinux environment with one click! Robolinox with the ability to adjust access levels and the ability to define separate desktops and accounts for each user, allows you to ultimately secure your computer and laptop And Use privacy, if your computer has multiple users, Robulinux still considers separate desktops and settings for each user by defining different access restrictions and user groups. Having a very beautiful and professional user interface, Robolinox puts the user in an incredibly beautiful world with an engineered design, each of its items have customization capabilities. Support for a variety of colors, beautiful backgrounds and app dock bar gives you a very different experience from the boring space of Windows.

You now have an Android Linux phone or an iOS Free BSD Unix iPhone. Both are distributions and personalizations of the mobile phone company, Linux / Unix operating systems, so the question is why we still use Windows? The idea of ​​not having Windows and the usual desktop environment is very scary for users, especially Iranian users! But the truth is that the connection between today’s mobile phones based on Linux / Unix operating systems, with another operating system (Windows) with a completely different core is much more complex than one of the Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Robinux, Mint. for you. So why not use Linux and simply ignore its attractiveness, security and beauty? If your answer to this question is the software limitations of Linux, we can now give you the good news that Robolinox is able to run Windows applications well in its environment! The difference is that unlike Windows, it does not pose any security risk to the operating system environment! Do not miss the opportunity and choose the best distribution suitable for migrating from Windows to Linux as your computer or laptop operating system! The current version of Robolinox is Cinnamon, the current version of the operating system. The most important thing about this operating system Full version Being it is! The Free Trial version of this operating system, which can be downloaded from the developers’ website, only has the ability to run Live; But the version in which we have prepared the article from Yas Download site for you dear ones. Paid version of this operating system with the ability to be installed on the hard disk of all types of computers and laptops. You can now download the latest version of Vintager software from the Yas website Download , Receive.

important points :

1) Robulinux, as one of the newest Linux distributions, is a suitable distribution for users who are just about to enter the Linux world. But this does not mean that you do not need to have a minimum of computer knowledge to install it; Therefore, we suggest that if you are planning to migrate to the Linux world for the first time, be very careful about studying the basic concepts and installation instructions.

2) To test Robulin, after booting from DVD / USB, you can always use Live mode.

3) For amateur users: Before starting the steps, make a backup of all your hard disk data! The Robolinux installation process will ultimately secure your information; If you follow all the steps according to the instructions, no problem will occur. It requires enough care in study and patience! If you are not careful enough, you may lose your hard drive data! In this case, Yas Download website will not accept any responsibility in this regard; Do all the steps at your own risk.

4) Again, if you follow Robulinux according to the step-by-step tutorial and video on the developer website, you will not have any problems.

5) You can boot the ISO file of Robulinux operating system from DVD or flash disk And Use it Live. If you want to install, you can select the following modes:

A) Use of the entire hard disk space (leads to the deletion of all your data)

B) Change the settings manually (possibility of Dual Boot with Windows and define a separate partition to install Linux and easy switch between Windows and Robulin) – Suggested

Screenshots of the Robulinux operating system environment:

RoboLinux Cinnamon1 RoboLinux Cinnamon2

RoboLinux Cinnamon3 RoboLinux Cinnamon4

Installation guide

You can read the general instruction of installing Robolinox in method (a) separately for different educational topics on the developer’s website. This tutorial is fully illustrated and illustrative, you can also download the PDF version. link

Learn how to burn an ISO file of Robulinux operating system on a flash disk

How to install Robolinox method (b) – Recommended as Dual Boot with Windows

Robolinux Stealth VM Software Installer Tutorial for running Windows applications on Robolinux


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  • Download 32-bit version

  • Download 64-bit version


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