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Stellarium 0.20.4 x86 / x64 Win / Mac / Linux The night sky is very beautiful and the planets and stars are the jewels of the night sky and reveal the power of God. Therefore, most of us are very interested in seeing planets and stars up close, but we are not able to see them due to the lack of facilities and telescopes. But do not worry about anything! Because you can with the software at no cost Stellarium See the sky and stars in 3D.

Stellarium software is designed for astronomy and astronomy software and is one of the most interesting computer programs that has many fans. Astronomy software acts like a binoculars or telescope, and you can view and enjoy more than 120,000 stars up close. If you are a fan of astronomy, or you like to watch the sky at night for once, we suggest you download the new version of Stellarium software for free from Yas download site.

Stellarium software features:

– Ability to view the sky in 3D
– No need for strong hardware to run the program
– Ability to see 120,000 stars up close
– Runs on most versions of Windows
– The brightness of the stars along with the description of the astronomical position and its system
– Ability to move on the ground by Mouse


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