Download Text Editor Pro 23.1.0 + Portable Professional text editing software

Download Text Editor Pro 1.3.0 + Portable - Professional text editing software

Download Text Editor Pro

| Professional text editing software

Text Editor Pro 23.1.0 + Portable is the name of a new and very powerful software for professional editing of all types of text files. As you know, he coded different languages ​​using existing text editing software. If you are a computer engineer or programming specialist, you know that one of the most important tools in this profession is to use a suitable environment or IDE. The software that we have considered for you in this article from Yas Download site is one of the best alternatives to Notepad and allows the user to edit and code in HTML, Python, Perl, Ruby or Fortran and ‌ languages..

Text Editor Pro is the name of a professional and application software that fully supports 50 different programming languages, displays their keywords in different colors, including C ++, COBOL, DOT Graph Drawing, DSP, DWScript, Fortran, Foxpro, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby SQL and… mentioned. You can now download the latest version of Text Editor Pro software from the Yas website.

Features of Text Editor Pro:

– Suitable replacement for the default Windows editor

– Ability to search and replace phrases

– Full support for 50 different programming languages

– Suitable for web developers

– Having a beautiful user interface

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