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Mobile Repairs

The set of activities that are carried out in order to repair a mobile phone on its different parts are called mobile repairs. These changes can only be done by a professional mobile phone repairman. Sections that in time Mobile Repairs They are usually: phone speaker repair, IC repair, hard drive repair or recovery, or charging socket repair and replacement.

Current and daily affairs of the new generation cannot be solved without the use of mobile phones. These days, the mobile phone is everyone’s inseparable companion, and thanks to this companionship, mobile phone repairs happen to every user from time to time for various reasons.

If you go to a reliable and equipped mobile phone repair center to repair your mobile phone; Your mobile phone repair is guaranteed to a large extent but otherwise, you have to say goodbye to your mobile phone.

But to repair a mobile phone, which center should you go to? Stay with us because we are going to give a reliable and complete answer to this difficult question.

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Deltos mobile repairs

As we mentioned in the introduction; The breakdown of mobile phones and other digital and electronic devices is completely inevitable, and the day will finally come when the path of all of us mobile phone users to the mobile phone repair center will be opened.

If your cell phone is the latest cell phone model or you have kept it very well; Congratulations to you. Even if you have not done well in maintaining your mobile properly; We promise you that with Deltos Mobile Repair Center, you will no longer worry about the breakdown and repair of your mobile phone.

Deltos collection in a professional and well-equipped environment and relying on the technical and up-to-date knowledge of its mobile repairers, all types of mobile phones including iPhone repair, Samsung phone repair, Xiaomi phone repair, Sony phone repair, Huawei phone repair and mobile phones It will carry out the manufacture of other brands in a specialized manner.

Meanwhile, if you entrust the repair of your phone to non-specialist repairers; Not only will your mobile phone not be repaired, but more irreparable damage may be done to your mobile phone. Usually, in such a situation, no warranty is given to you against the repair of your mobile phone.

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Why is repairing a mobile phone more economical than buying a new mobile phone?

According to statistics, nearly 53 million people across Iran are using smart phones. This amount of users is a sign of a very clear thing; All these mobiles will need repair one day.

These days, not only mobile phone repairs and all kinds of electronic devices are very popular among people, but also because of the income generation of this work, mobile phone repair training is also one of the most demanded fields in the reputable mobile phone repair schools.

The high cost of buying mobile phones and the instability of exchange rates are only some of the reasons why people want to repair mobile phones. At this time, by learning and gaining experience in mobile repair, you can not only become an entrepreneur, but also help mobile users in saving their expenses.

The demand for mobile phone repairs is very high and this is a lucrative job for a professional mobile phone repairer.

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How long does mobile phone repair take?

The Deltos collection repairs all types of mobile phones using original parts and provides a repair guarantee, making your mind at ease in every way. The effort of Deltos Group is to repair your mobile phone as soon as possible, but sometimes it may take time to repair the mobile phone for various reasons.

Not knowing the exact cause of mobile failure is one of the things that requires time to determine, and this may make repairing the mobile a little longer. Sometimes, the mobile slows down, does not connect to the WIFI or Bluetooth network, the memory card is not recognized by the phone, the mobile phone gets too hot, the touch and LCD parts of the mobile phone fail due to impact and pressure on it and water corrosion. All are just some of the common problems of mobile users.

Of course, all the things we have mentioned are the hardware part of the mobile phone, and the failures of the mobile phone also include the software parts. However, we at Deltos tell you with confidence that it doesn’t matter what exactly is the cause of your mobile’s problem and failure; By visiting Deltos, your mobile phone will be well repaired.

Since the repair of each mobile phone is different from another, in the following we will examine the repair steps of each in a brief but separate manner.

Apple mobile repairs

iPhone phones are special mobile phones and the repair of each of these mobile phones is different from the others. For example, replacing the iPhone LCD, replacing the iPhone battery, or replacing the glass of this phone is definitely done in less than a few hours, but the technical troubleshooting of this mobile phone may take longer.

Samsung mobile repairs

Although Samsung phones are very strong in terms of hardware and software, Samsung phone failure is one of the things that many users go to the mobile repair center for.

By referring to Deltos, you can diagnose your Samsung mobile phone, repair and replace the touch screen and LCD, repair the hard drive, main board, main and selfie camera, microphone, speaker and charging socket, and continue using your mobile phone. use.

Sony mobile repairs

Although the market of mobile phones these days is dominated by Android and Apple, but the name of Sony and its mobile phones still have a special reputation among users. Currently, Sony mobile phones can only be repaired by professional mobile repairers using special equipment.

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Mobile repairs with warranty

One of the questions that usually arise for users is whether they can receive Deltos services in case of a problem with their repaired mobile phone?

The name Deltos is a reminder of a good sense of trust and confidence for those who have used the services of this collection even once. Due to cooperation with professional mobile repairers, a specialized environment and equipped with the highest standards, the use of original parts and most importantly, the up-to-date information of its repairers, Deltos performs mobile phone repairs and iMac repairs with different brands in the best possible way. Gives.

Feel free to come to Deltos to repair your mobile phone or request on-site mobile phone repairs on the site and in addition to repairs, you can also benefit from Deltos warranty mobile phone repair services.

Deltos, your encouragement after buying and repairing phones, laptops and computers

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