Download Antiprism 0.31 – software for designing, drawing and studying multifaceted shapes | Download Yas

Download Antiprism 0.31 - software for designing, drawing and studying polyhedral shapes

Download Antiprism

| Software for designing, drawing and studying multifaceted shapes

Antiprism 0.31 is the name of a collection of programs for generating, changing, manipulating and also visualizing polyhedral shapes with which you can have detailed studies in this field. This software is suitable for people who are active in theories related to geometric shapes and want to design and display their desired polyhedral shapes. A polyhedron is a three-dimensional geometry with flat faces. In the Greek language, the word poly means “many” and the word edron also means “face”. Each of the faces of a polyhedron is actually a polygon, and if you need a tool for designing or drawing polyhedra, in this article we have prepared a special tool for you.

This software gives you the ability to easily design and draw different types of polyhedra in a simple and user-friendly environment. In addition, in the above software there are a set of ready designs of common polyhedra that you can choose and manipulate to your taste and create a new polyhedra. Now you can download the latest version of Antiprism software from the Yas download website.

Antiprism software features:

– Having the possibility of simple and easy operation

– Suitable for use in Linux and Windows

– Ability to use common polyhedra to create arbitrary polyhedra

– Having Documentation Comprehensive

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