Download Gilisoft Data Recovery Recover deleted data

Download Gilisoft Data Recovery 4.0 Professional / Unlimited - Recover deleted data

Download Gilisoft Data Recovery

| Deleted data recovery software

Gilisoft Data Recovery is the name of a new and powerful software, in order to recover your deleted data from all kinds of disks. Don’t worry about losing your data from hard disk, flash memory, memory card or digital cameras! Because Gilisoft Data Recovery software can recover all of them for you in the shortest time. It doesn’t matter how your data has been deleted from the desired disk! Even the type of disc is not important! Gilisoft Data Recovery software, while fully supporting all types of computer memory such as hard disk, flash memory, memory card, digital cameras, MP3/MP4 players, mobile phones, etc., allows you to recover your data. Recover quickly if deleted.

Today, with the increasing simplicity of recovery software, users can easily recover all types of deleted data in the shortest possible time. You can recover your deleted data from formatted disks, lost partitions, inaccessible memories, etc. and store them in the same original order. Even if you have formatted the desired drive, Gilisoft Data Recovery software will still provide you with the chance of complete data recovery! Now you can download the latest version of Gilisoft Data Recovery software from the Yas download site.

Key features of Gilisoft Data Recovery software:

– Ability to recover data from formatted disks

– Ability to recover data from RAW drives

– Ability to recover data from inaccessible disks

– Ability to recover data from deleted partitions

– No need for complex computer knowledge

– Data recovery even if they have been deleted from the trash!

– پشتیبانی کامل از IDE HDD, SATA HDD, SCSI HDD, Firewire HDD, SSD, USB HDD, External Hard Drive, Hardware RAID, USB Drive, SD Card, CF Card, Microsd, SDHC, Memory Card, Memory Stick, Micro Card

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