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ArangoDB 3.11.1 is the name of a multinational database system that has attracted many developers due to its unique and attractive features. Arango DB as a new database that we will introduce to you in this article, dear users, is an open source and multi-model database system that was developed with C Plus Plus and supports documents, charts, and key and value values, and gives the user the ability to to be able to have the data available with a query. These days, when NoSQL databases are becoming more and more popular, it’s not bad to have a look at Arango DB; Especially if you don’t intend to use relational databases for your current project.

ArangoDB is an open source NoSQL database system that can be easily controlled or managed through the command line as well as the web environment. This database system is developed as open source and the user can use this system in all kinds of projects. Arango DB gives you the ability to use the best database system for data storage under the existing conditions and to access the desired data at any time by writing a query. With its unique structure, Arango DB reduces operational complexity so that you can take advantage of various data storage technologies for better data storage and access. Arango DB supports its own query writing language, AQL, and it is very similar to SQL; At the same time, many documents are available for learning the syntax of this language. Now you can download the latest version of ArangoDB software from the Yas download website.

Features of ArangoDB software:

– Document, graph and key, value support

– Using AQL query writing language with multiple documentation

– Support for multiple functional functions

– Ability to develop using microservices with custom REST APIs and user-definable queries

– Support for the possibility of automatic installation and deployment

– Simple and easy installation and setup

Images of the software environment:

ArangoDB.cover1 300x201 - Download ArangoDB 3.11.1 - ArangoDB ArangoDB.cover2 300x187 - Download ArangoDB 3.11.1 - ArangoDB

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