Download Thea For SketchUp 3.0.1161.1959 x64

Download Thea For SketchUp 3.0.1161.1959 x64 - Powerful Tia Render Engine for SketchUp

Download Thea For SketchUp

| Powerful Tia Render Engine for Sketchup

Thea For SketchUp 3.0.1161.1959 x64 is the name of a new and functional rendering engine that allows SketchUp professionals to access an exciting and exciting way to render 3D models. This software package is in fact a professional combination of Tia’s powerful rendering engine along with the simplicity of SketchUp, which allows the user to render a realistic view of their 3D models. This powerful rendering engine makes it possible to increase computing power more quickly and with simultaneous GPU / CPU processing, and achieve the desired result with greater speed.

If you work in the field of simulation or architecture or even computer graphics, you have probably heard the word three-dimensional rendering or rendering. But you may not know the exact details yet. Currently, there are a number of rendering engines that can make the right choice depending on the user’s needs. In general, the process of generating an image or outputting it from 3D software is called rendering. If you are a professional user of SketchUp and you are looking for a powerful rendering engine for this software product, we suggest you do not miss the Tia tool. Now you can download Thea For SketchUp software with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

Features of Thea For SketchUp software:

– Ability to have comprehensive control over the updating of materials, geometry, light properties and… in scenes

– Having professional tools to control the intensity and direction of light

– Ability to manage and process shadows in rendering

– Having a very high rendering processing speed for Sketchup

Pictures of the software environment:

Thea For SketchUp.cover1 300x163 - Download Thea For SketchUp 3.0.1161.1959 x64 - Powerful Tia Render Engine for SketchUp Thea For SketchUp.cover2 300x181 - Download Thea For SketchUp 3.0.1161.1959 x64 - Powerful Tia Render Engine for SketchUp

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