Download Instagram for PC and Windows Grids for Instagram 7.0.5 PC Win / Mac

Download Instagram for PC and Windows Grids for Instagram

Download Instagram for PC and Windows

| Instagram software for Windows Desktop PC / Mac Grids for Instagram |

Instagram for PC And Windows Grids for Instagram 7.0.5 PC Win / Mac is the name of a beautiful and lovely version of the official Instagram software that by installing it on your computer, you can enjoy all the features of the official version of this application on your desktop computer or Windows or Mac. As you know, Instagram is a photo and video sharing service that has attracted billions of different users around the world with its attractive and user-friendly features. This image sharing social network allows its users to share memorable moments of their lives by posting photos or videos with other friends or family members. Dozens of beautiful and attractive effects along with the features of this software have caused people to double their creativity in creating and publishing such content and enjoy the experience of working with this attractive and lovable service. The point that many users realized from the very first days was that despite the flat web of this software, the functionality of the web version was different from that of the application. For example, the web version (opening in the web browser already lacks the features you see in the main app.

So if you have been using the Android emulator in Windows to take advantage of Instagram Direct Message service to date, or if you have dedicated yourself to this limitation, we have a new solution for you that can end all of these limitations. Grids powerful software is an official service based on the Instagram client, which with its official release in the Mac App Store has been able to attract millions of Mac OS viewers around the world. This beautiful and functional application enables you to go directly without the need for a mobile phone or tablet. Instagram Get yourself in Windows or Mac Login and enjoy all its attractive features. The features that have been removed from the web version of Instagram can all be used in Instagram Grids, and you can easily work directly with your account on this social network while working with your computer. Now you can download the new version of Instagram software for PC and Windows Grids for Instagram with a direct link and for free from Yas site.

It all started on Instagram with the introduction of a simple photo sharing platform. But very soon this app was able to show us all a new generation of everyday life. Everyone is inherently talented and creative. Instagram allows you to share your inherent art or skill with your audience; Perhaps with the attention of other people, you can discover important characteristics in yourself that you have not paid much attention to until today! Maybe you are a skilled chef; Either you are good at drawing faces and drawing people, or you have started a small business in the field of handicrafts; Instagram also has a suitable platform for you with high success potential! Many people think that this social network is designed solely for the purpose of entertainment and sharing photos and videos. But what we are on the other side of Instagram today is a wonderful platform for the flourishing of art and the innate talent of individuals. The ability to create a business page from Instagram is another feature that you can use to introduce a specific brand to your audience and display portfolios.

So when you do not have access to your mobile phone for any reason, your Instagram features will be very limited. Lack of access to direct messages is one of the first restrictions that, despite being introduced several years ago, is still not available in the web version, and you can only talk to your audience if you are working with Instagram on Be its Android / iOS application. Obviously, this possibility, like the Story feature, which did not exist in the web version until a few months ago, may be added to this version soon. But in any case, a Windows or Mac computer system should definitely have more extensive and complete features than a mobile phone in terms of compatibility with a variety of services and software products. So if you are also a fan of the Instagram social network and you like to have access to all its features on your computer in addition to your mobile phone, we have an official application in this field that can remove all restrictions. And brought you an official client based on the features of this application on Windows and Mac.

Features of Grids for Instagram:

– Ability to view the stories of followers

– Ability to send and receive direct messages

– Ability to share photos and videos with the audience

– Ability to use hashtags, location and مانند like the official app

– Having a very beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface

– Providing a great user experience for fans of this social network

– High speed and security

– Ability to login with several different user accounts

– Ability to view tagged people on images

– Ability to like, comment, follow and unfollow people and posts

– Ability to send notifications if you get a new follower, photos are liked by others and…

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to install Instagram on Windows?

All you have to do is enter the Yas download site and download and install the Instagram software for Windows. Then crack the software according to the mentioned guide.

Can Instagram PC be installed on Windows 7/8/10?

Yes, Windows Instagram can be installed on all Windows.

Are the Instagram features of Windows the same as the mobile version?

Yes, Instagram Windows has almost all the features of the mobile version.

Is download from Yas site download with half price?

Yes, all the servers of Yas Download site are inside Iran and were registered in the preferential tariff site, and all downloads from Yas Download site will be considered at half price.

Pictures of the computer’s Instagram software environment:

Grids.cover 300x188 - Download Instagram for PC and Windows Grids for Instagram 7.0.5 PC Win / Mac

Installation guide

– Install the software and do not run it.

– To crack the software, copy the file in the Crack folder and replace the original file at the software installation location.


  • Format: EXE + DMG
  • Size: 49/53/38 MB
  • Source : Yas Download
  • Code:

Answer your problems

If you have any questions about this and your computer and mobile software problems, contact our partners at the company.

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